When does your store stock? 
Our stocking dates vary! Check out our Sassy Calendar for the latest stocking and custom round dates! 

Where can I see what is being stocked on stocking day? 
We post previews on our Facebook page the day before a scheduled stocking. You can click here to join our BST page to view "sneakies"(as we like to call it) before previews! 

Where are your products sold? 
Diapers are sold here on our website! You can click here to view all of our items we currently have in stock! Not seeing anything? Well make sure to check out our Sassy Calendar for the next stocking date so you don't miss out on all the fluffy goodness!

I just bought my first Sassy! Now what?
First off.....CONGRATS and welcome to the Sassy family! If you purchased from a ready to ship stocking, your order will be processed in 2-3 business days. You will receive a shipping notification from us once your items have left our facility.You can also check on your order on your account. If you haven't already, you should join our BST page (Buy/Sell/Trade)! There are lots of Sassy mamas there that you can chit chat with while you wait for your fluff to arrive! The women on our page are amazing and have lots of helpful information that we may have missed here. 

What is Diaper of the Month? 
DOTM or Diaper of the Month is a monthly diaper subscription that we offer to our lovely fans! This is where a custom diaper is made and sent to you at the end of each month! Each diaper is made with your choice of gender (Boy, Girl or Gender Neutral) Size (One Size, Weebumz and Mini) Finish (Serged or Turned) and Soaker Style (Petal or Folding)! Confused about all the choices? Click here to checkout some of our helpful videos and pictures!

How much does DOTM (Diaper of the Month) subscription cost? 
Subscriptions cost vary based on the options and plans chosen. When signing up for our Diaper of the Month club you get the option to purchase either a 3 or 6 month subscription. The price break down is as follows:

3 Month Sub: $123 if you choose the "Pay in Full" option or $43 a per month if you choose the monthly payment option. Your subscription will come with two hybrids cloth diapers and one Twilight.
**Mini subscriptions are $105 "Pay in Full". The monthly Mini sub is $35 a month and $45 on SBT month. 

6 Month Sub: $240 if you choose the "Pay In Full" option or $41 per month if you choose the monthly subscription. Your subscription comes with 4 hybrids cloth diapers and 2 SBTs. 
**Mini subscriptions are $200 when "Paid in Full." The monthly Mini sub is $33 on hybrid months and $41 on SBT months. 

When do DOTM subscriptions open? 
Enrollment for DOTM opens every 3 months! You can check out our Sassy Calendar for the next enrollment date! 

How do I use the Twilight (SBT) nighttime diapers? 
Check out our video on how to use your SBT here

Do you have a B/S/T group or Fan page? 
We sure do! Click here to join! 

What is the difference between a petal and folding soaker? 
A petal soaker is shorter and contoured to fit inside the hybrid shell. It allows wider coverage across the front and back of the diaper. A folding soaker is a long, narrow soaker that is able to be folded in many different ways in order to customize the absorbency of the diaper for the individual child. Both are excellent soaker options. 

Turned vs. Serged? 
Our hybrids come in turned or serged finishes. This refers to how the seam is sewn. In a turned fitted, the seam is enclosed in the shell. This offers a “cleaner” look to the diaper, and some babies do better with a turned finish if they have sensitive skin, because there is no raw edge touching their thighs. A serged finish means that the leg seam has a serged, exposed edge. The advantage of this is it is it has more stretch and is more trim compared to the turned finish. Some babies do well with either finish. We would suggest trying each type at least once to determine which your baby prefers! 

Are Sassybumz waterproof? 
The regular hybrid fitteds are not waterproof, but many babies can last 2-3 hours in one without a cover because they are so absorbent. If you want full waterproof protection, you will want to use a diaper cover of some sort (i.e. wool, PUL or fleece) You can extend the absorbency of your regular hybrid fitteds by adding a Sassybumz booster underneath the soaker. Just place the fleece side facing down in the shell; it repels wetness back up into the soakers to make your Sassybumz diaper work more efficiently for you. Boosters can be ordered here. Twilights, our exclusive nighttime diaper, are virtually waterproof and can be worn cover-less. All SBT’s (Twilights) come with a snap in ULTRA booster. 

You are also able to purchase our diapers with a layer of PUL! This help minimize compression leaks and extend wear time! 

What sizes do Sassies come in?
Hybrids/AI2 come in 3 sizes:
One Size (16-30+lbs)
Weebumz (10-26lbs)
Mini (6-12lbs)

Versas come in 2 sizes:
One Size (10-35lbs)
Size 1 (8-25lbs) 

How do I wash my Sassy? 
You can find care instructions here

Do I need to prep my Sassy when I receive it?
Although absorbency will increase with several washes, our diapers are ready to be used as soon as you receive them. The fabrics have been lovingly pre-washed and most people put them on as soon as they arrive! It’s hard to resist once the fluff is in your hands!

What does FDR mean, and how do I know if I should use it? 
FDR stands for “fold down rise” which is an extra row of snaps on the stomach panel of the diaper. All Sassybumz hybrids and SBT’s have a fold-down rise option at the waist to accommodate babies of all shapes and sizes. Simply fold the front panel of the shell down and snap wings into place there. As baby grows, the wings can then be snapped to the front-side of the diaper shell. This vastly increases the amount of time the babies will fit into their Sassybumz diapers. You can also check out this helpful video showing you how it works! 

What is a Versa? 
The Versa is our "versa"tile diaper that can be used as a pocket, cover or a swim diaper! This diaper is practically leak proof because there aren't any seams! All of the layers are bound with fold over elastic and the double leg gussets keep the messes contained!! The inside of the diaper has two micro fleece soaker pockets that allow you to add your insert of choice and when your diaper is ready to be washed, all you have to do it toss it in the washer!! The Versa is a must have for any stash!
What are Custom Rounds?
Custom Rounds are what we like to call our pre-orders! We give each round a # so it is easier for to keep track of your order and when things are shipping out! Each CR (Custom Round) we offer a few prints for you to choose from and have a custom diaper made just the way you like it! 

Do you offer layaway?
We offer layaway during our custom rounds! You have the option to pay for your diapers using our "pay 1/2 now and 1/2 on completion"! This is a great way to help you build your stash and get prints that you love without your wallet getting hit too hard :)