Care Instructions

Keep your Sassys looking fresh by following a simple wash routine. Be aware that washing conditions change from person to person due to water, machines, baby etc. Finding the right routine can take some time but this simple wash routine has worked for us and our fellow Sassy mama's. 

New diapers should be washed separately or with like colors and we suggest using a color catcher if washing with other items.

Pre-rinse with COLD water

WARM wash with your favorite detergent (as long as it does not contain fabric softeners) **Using HOT water may increase fabric fading and wear**

COLD Rinse

Additional cold rinse (if you feel its necessary)

Hang dry or put them in the dryer, which will keep them nice and fluffy!  Just make sure you let them cool down before you handle them or put them on baby so that the elastics don’t get stretched out. 

If diapers need to be sanitized, many Sassy mommas have been successful with bleach soaks, as long as the bleach is properly diluted in the correct amount before diapers are added.  **Sassybumz is not responsible for any damage that may occur when doing a bleach soak. Do so at your own discretion**

Here is a good resource on washing cloth diapers.

Want to see how your detergent rates against others?? Click here to view an informative chart, that rates detergents for their effectiveness with diaper laundry.