All about Cuddles!

Are you ready to Cuddle? This is something we say all the time to our little ones. You pick them up and make your way to the couch. They nestle their soft head on your chest as you settle into the cushions. You feel their little body relax knowing they are safe and loved in your arms. You breathe in their scent and time stands still for just a little bit. These are the moments we cherish and remember and these are the moments that inspired Cuddles, our AIO Hybrid Fitted. 

 Cuddles are made with a soft, moisture repelling fleece outer layer, just like our Twilight nighttime diaper. This allows you to have more wear time as well as allows the diaper to breathe keeping your baby comfortable and dry. 
Lets talk about the most important part of a diaper...the soaker! The Cuddle soaker system consist of  zorb and bamboo fleece. This super absorbent soaker is sewn into the soft cotton velour inner layer. What you may not know about Zorb is it absorbs 10x its weight! It also absorbs 20x faster than cotton, bamboo and hemp and is able to distribute the moisture quickly! This gives you the protection you need as well as keeping your life stress free! No stuffing, no pairing soakers on laundry day...just grab and it is ready to go! 
What also makes Cuddles a stash "must have" is you can choose to leave your diaper snap-less or upgrade and add side snaps! 

Now what are the benefits of not having snaps...well firstly you can get a more 
customized fit by closing the diaper as tight or as loose as you need and then securing your desired fit with your chosen fastner.  You aren't limited by the snaps settings. Secondly, you save money by not upgrading to snaps!

Now you are probably asking yourself, "Why should I upgrade and get side snaps?" Well side snaps are great for those wanting to simplify their diaper routine. Having snaps means you literally can grab your Cuddle and go! But what makes having side snaps awesome is they are more secure then fastners which is great for little ones that are walking and on the move! 
Cuddles aren't just for newborns! They come in 3 sizes!   
Lastly lets talk about the price and don't won't get sticker shock...Cuddles start at $20 for NB and $24 for Size 1&2! Adding side snaps is an additional $6.