Sassybumz is a family owned and operated company.  All of our products are handmade in the USA with the highest quality fabric available.  Our mission is to provide functional, affordable and adorable cloth diapers that are not only good for baby but good for our earth.

Now a little more about myself! My name is Shannon and I am the owner of Sassybumz.  I am a goofy, fun, down to earth person, who loves a good laugh!  You can find me popping my head in and out of our fantabulous B/S/T group, having a blast sharing stories, pictures and giving each other advice on the wonderful life we have as mothers!  Sassy mamas are the best mamas!! If I could make that my tagline I would!  When I am not busy with life and work, (when does that happen, right!?) I love to read, camp, hike, ride my bike, watch movies, walk my rescue pits and cook. I started Sassybumz in 2012, after giving birth to my third precious squish, Reesie.  At that time I was trying to find ways to help my family financially and still be a “stay-home-mommy.” I figured I could use cloth diapers and even better, I could make them since I love to sew and BAM….Sassybumz was conceived….unexpectedly.  <3 <3 <3 It started with just me and now we have grown to be a team of 5 amazing women!!  

From the moment you buy your first Sassybumz you become a part of a family!  Our family! We take a lot of pride in offering amazing customer service and being there for our fellow mamas and sometimes papas! We haven’t forgotten about one thing that you find a lot of businesses tend to not practice…..human kindness.  That is why our tag line is “Wear Love. Feel Love. Be Loved”!  We love our Sassy fans!!